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How is my product printed?


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Would you like more information about a specific product or have any questions about a delivery? Don't hesitate to
contact us. Our team are available weekdays between 9am and 5.30pm and they're ready to answer your questions. Call us on 0800 122 3003.


Our offices are at Eighth Street, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1FG.


Our offices are open: Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 6.00pm. You can collect your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our Production Centre by arrangement.


We're closed on UK public and bank holidays and these days do not count as 'working days'. Click here to see a list of UK bank holidays.


Lishio is a trading style of Europe Limited. Click here for our legal details. Your customer service team are all based in the UK.


Have an idea on how we could improve, or something you'd like us to sell? Send your suggestions to - if we really like them, we may even reward you!


You've probably guessed that we get loads of requests for sponsorship every week. We're sure your charity, cause or event is worthwhile and you feel strongly about getting support for it. We understand. And we're sure you understand, we can't dish out cash to everyone who asks. As we're a low-cost business, we aren't able to individually assess your application, or make random decisions on which requests are for the worthiest causes. So we treat everyone equally and focus on providing the lowest possible prices, to make your fundraising budget go further. We work with many charities and causes that realise that well crafted design and professionally printed products aid their fundraising.


We're always on the look out for new talent and there's lots of ways you could work with us.

DESIGN FOR US: If you're a freelance designer, or want to earn some cash in your spare time, you could sell your designs through Lishio. Learn more about Selling Your Designs.

JOIN US: We're part of an international, public company listed on the London Stock Exchange. We have opportunities in sales, design, production, shipping, marketing, SEO, support, customer service, programming and development. We operate in the UK, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States. If you're exceptional at what you do, and think we should be hiring you RIGHT NOW, then email your CV to Tell us what you could do for us and make us want you.



We've tried to assemble a range of items which cover most of the marketing bases. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us and we'll see what we can suggest.


We've tried to make it easy to navigate our range. Whether you're looking for business cards, letterheads, flyers, leaflets or any other item, we'll show you the most popular option straight away. You can then customise your spec, just for you. Just play with the buttons on the product pages to try out different styles and finishes.


All printing's the same right? Leaflets from us are the same as leaflets from that bloke your brother knows. Business cards from that little shop on the high street are as good as ours, right? Wrong! They may sound the same, but its like comparing apples with whales. We give you a 'business class' product at an 'economy class' price. We print every order with High Definition Reproduction. This means your photos and text will be printed so clearly you'll want to lick them!


The majority of our production is done in the UK in our own production centre, although some specialist items, such as envelopes, are produced in The Netherlands.


Unless we tell you otherwise, your order will be printed with High-Definition Reproduction on conventional litho printing presses - the kind that would normally print catalogues and glossy magazines. We print your order with lots of others at the same time, so you get the best price and the highest quality.


Sure - we have recycled options on Leaflets, Letterheads and Compliment Slips, all made from 100% post-consumer waste. Most of our Business Cards and many other items are printed on 50% recycled card - look for the description.


Yes - around 99% of our volume is printed on FSC certified paper - just look for 'FSC certified' in the item's description.


Probably - contact us and let us know what size you're looking for. If you can stick to a 'standard size' though, you'll get the lowest possible price.


Get in touch and let us know what you're looking for. We'll pass on your request to the original designer/other designers within TemplateCloud and see what is possible. We welcome clients getting in touch in this way because it helps us to let the TemplateCloud design community know exactly what design clients are looking to buy.


By all means contact us and let us know the theme, and we'll pass it on to the design community at TemplateCloud. However, if it's truly bespoke, and you want it to be exclusive, then the TemplateCloud route may not be the right one. Lishio is part of the family. With over 300+ local, creative partners across the UK and Ireland. To find your local outlet, who will be pleased and enthusiastic to work with you on your design project click here.


Flyerzone printing is lithographic, full colour. It's printed predominantly on B1 printing presses. To achieve the economies of scale, we print many similar orders together. This is often called batching or ganging. We do this because, we believe, it gives better value than printing digitally.


We buy the best value paper and card that's available in the market (provided it's sourced and produced responsibly), so that we can offer Lishio customers the best value. In doing so, we inevitably will buy different paper and card from different mills across Europe. For a given stock, say 280g, this means that the subtle characteristics can change slightly. Given that Lishio offers the best value design and great value printing, we believe that this approach makes sense and stretches your promotional budget further.